Here’s how you can contact PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most popular celebrities in India and millions of people try to contact him daily for a varied number of reasons.

It could be for appreciating the work of his government or criticism of a decision, complaints and grievances or just for an urge to talk to the ‘Pradhan-sevak’ of your country. Prime Ministers are usually much insulated from direct public contact but PM Modi has been one of the exceptions and he not only allows but encourages people to reach out to him and his team.

You can contact PM Modi at the below mentioned details:

Social media
PM Modi is one of the most responsive leaders of the world on social media. This is how you can follow and contact him on verified social media accounts.



You can tag him in tweets with the following handles: @PMOIndia or @Narendramodi.

Google Plus:


Of course, it is humanly impossible for the PM to reply to every message that come in through so many platforms and channels. However, he has a dedicated team for that purpose and he is always keen to take regular updates from them and responds to a lot of messages and takes up grievances as well.

Connect with PM Modi on email
Prime Minister’s Office can be connected at This account is especially for interaction with the public. One can write to PMO for issues related to public grievance or governance-related issues here.

You can contact PM Modi on one of these email ids: and his PMO email id:

You can also write to the Prime Minister at:

Web Information Manager, South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi -110011 — Phone Number – +91-11-23012312
Fax – +91-11-23019545 , 23016857.

If you write to PM Modi via and address the letter to “Honourable Prime minister of India” and mention the address for his official residence–7, Race Course Road, New Delhi, then it will reach PM Modi directly.
The Prime Minister has also used e-governance to good measure for interacting with the public.

For public grievance redressal, there is a dedicated portal where you can write directly to the PM, tell him about your grievance, attach documents if required. He also takes suggestions, feedback, complaints on demonetisation issues, greetings, wishes, appointment requests and message requests on this portal.

You can write to him at:
The portal gives a lot of options for interaction too. You can interact live during talks, radio broadcasts, forum discussions etc. Team PMO responds actively here:

Phone numbers:
If you want to take the traditional route and call PM Modi’s residence or office, or fax him or lodge a complaint with him, you can do it at:
PMO: 011-23012312
PMO Fax: 011-23016857
PM Modi’s contact numbers: 011-23015603, 11-23018939, 011-23018668
PMO helpline: +91-1800-110-031

Undoubtedly, he is one of the most outreaching leaders in the world.


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