Gurugram: Residents blame ‘dog-lovers’ for stray dog biting 9-year old

Gurugram: The menace of stray dogs has reached a new high as another brazen attack took place in the millennium city of Gurugram.

A citizen of Gurugram, Supriya Yadav, mother of Aaditya (9) who was bitten by a stray dog, said, “There are about 12-15 stray dogs inside the society. On Saturday, my son was chased and bitten by one of these when he went to play in a society park. We’ve submitted a letter to the RWA, requesting that the strays are driven out of the society.”

Aaditya’s father Vipin Yadav added, “Our son will now have to undergo the pain of regular anti-rabies injections for no fault of his. These street dogs scare even adults, leave alone small kids.”

According to the residents, this is not the first time a stray has attacked a resident. “There have been many such incidents in the past. There are some residents who claim to be dog lovers and feed strays as per their convenience, without taking responsibility. As a result, the strays get aggressive,” said another resident, requesting to stay anonymous.

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The RWA expressed helplessness, saying the matter is very difficult to resolve, as some people were adamant about feeding strays in the society. The RWA treasurer S N Dwivedi told the media, “We’ve been trying to resolve the problem for a while. We tried to involve NGOs and authorities to legally deal with it. But two of our residents file police complaints whenever we try anything. We’re sick and tired of these ‘dog lovers’.” Sushil Dhawan, another resident, said, “The RWA and authorities can’t do much. These so-called animal lovers are at fault.”

On the other hand, Animal activists advised a scientific approach be adopted to resolve the problem. Amit Chaudhary, president of People for Animals (Gurgaon), said, “There is no law that can displace strays from any residential society. If dogs have been there for a long time, it’s not advisable to displace them. However, it’s the responsibility of the dog lovers to make sure they are sterilized and have a shelter.”


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