Gurugram police to beef up security for safe passage of Kanwar yatris

Gurugram police to beef up security for safe passage of Kanwar yatris

Gurugram is set to beef up the security along the Delhi-Gurugram expressway by deploying sniffer dogs and drones to provide safe yatra for the pilgrimages on their way on foot to Haridwar.

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Muhammad Akil, additional director general of police (law and order), Haryana ordered the Gurugram police to deploy more force at sensitive points to avoid any unforeseen incidents during the month of pilgrimage for the Kanwars.

“We will deploy maximum force and equipment on road to maintain peace during this period. Separate lanes are being created for the pilgrims to enable smooth traffic movement. The police has been directed to create more lanes wherever necessary and the traffic should be diverted accordingly,” said ADG Akil.

The police will also seek help from MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurugram) to and NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) in providing safety to the pilgrims, manage traffic and maintain law and order.

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The police has also been advised to help set up camps away from the main roads and they will focus extra care on the security of women Kanwars.

All the facilities, including cranes and Ambulances, are ready to be used in the case of emergencies.



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