Your Weekly Astro Prediction

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Your Weekly Astro Prediction by Joanne Madeline Moore

The thrilling weekend finally comes to an end and a busy week is ahead so let’s see what stars have stored in for you in Your weekly Astro prediction by the World renowned Astro writer Joanne Madeline Moore.

Horoscope (July 17, 2017- July 23, 2017)

ARIES [March 21-April 20]


This week Uranus stirs up your reckless side, when you surprise – or even shock – others with an unpredictable move that comes right out of left field. But too much hot-headed hastiness could lead to an argument or accident so pace yourself. On Thursday, Mars moves into fellow fire sign Leo [until September 5] which boosts your independent, boisterous side … and your impulsive, bossy streak. The New Moon phase [on Sunday] is the time to be sporty, creative or just super social.

TAURUS [April 21-May 21]


With pleasure-planet Venus [your ruler] linking up with indulgent Jupiter, you’re in the mood for flirting, shopping and socialising as you channel your inner hedonist. Don’t overdo it though. And be careful you’re not viewing a person or situation through ridiculously rose-coloured glasses! Sunday’s New Moon is a magical time of beginnings and the promise of things to come. Family and home life are where you need to make some adjustments this week. The sooner the better.

GEMINI [May 22-June 21]


It’s a wonderful week to crank up your social media strategy, as you network in increasingly clever, creative and proactive ways. So get circulating and advertising in style! An impulsive comment could land you in hot water though, so think things through [carefully] before you post. The planets also shine a spotlight on money matters. Resist the urge to be flash with cash and careless with credit. If your finances are in a mess, then you need to develop some fiscal skills ASAP.

CANCER [June 22-July 23]


You love to feel comfy, and sudden changes can catapult you into a state of catatonia. This week the planets shake up [and then pulverise] your Crab comfort zone – especially involving work matters or a personal project. Uranus urges you to banish boredom and take a smart calculated risk, as you shake things up via a professional pitch, a career detour or a new money-making venture. Sunday’s New Moon signals it’s time for a self-esteem boost or a financial reboot.

LEO [July 24-Aug 23]


This week some Cats will cause plenty of commotion behind the scenes; while others stir things up in a very public way. But is that really such a smart idea? Disruptive behaviour will just alienate you from others. By all means do your own thing, but don’t disregard the needs of family, friends and work colleagues in the process. With Mercury, Mars and the New Moon all lighting up your sign, do your best to channel your fiery energy into fabulous dreams and creative schemes.

VIRGO [Aug 24-Sep 23]


When Mercury [your ruling planet] links up with serious Saturn [midweek] you may veer off into Virgo worry-wart mode. But stressing about problems won’t help. Instead, roll your sleeves up, put your head down, and just get on with the tasks at hand. And – if you make a mistake – then pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over again. Be inspired by birthday great, entrepreneur Richard Branson “Do not be embarrassed by your failures. Learn from them and start again.”

LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]


You pride yourself on your well-rounded personality but it will be difficult to balance head and heart this week. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Loved ones or work colleagues will try to throw you off balance; scramble your sense of certainty; or press your emotional buttons. But it’s up to you to deflect their efforts with lashings of Libran style. Your motto for the moment is from birthday great Nelson Mandela “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

SCORPIO [Oct 24-Nov 22]


The more organised and strategic you are this week [professionally and financially] the more successful you’ll be. Looking for employment? Think outside the box and find creative ways to present yourself in an irresistible new light [that makes you stand out from the crowd]. It’s also time to set ambitious professional goals and dream big dreams for the future. And don’t make them too safe and sensible Scorpio! Go for gold, as the New Moon encourages you to be brazenly bold.

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 23-Dec 21]


This week action-planet Mars charges into your adventure zone. But progress will be erratic as Mars motivates you to move forward, while Saturn cautions you to look before you leap! If you run around on auto-pilot, then you’re more likely to make thoughtless remarks and silly slip-ups. The weekend is wonderful for travel, camping and outdoor activities. You’ll be at your boisterous best as you lead the way, but avoid outstaying your welcome by being too bossy.

CAPRICORN [Dec 22-Jan 20]


You’ll have trouble coping with any restrictions that are placed on you by loved ones, so close relationships are likely to be unpredictable. You’ll find the more you try to assert your authority and independence, the more woeful the week will be. But shake-ups needn’t necessarily lead to breakups! Just remember – you can’t be the boss all the time. Calm down and recalibrate Capricorn. If you are more consultative and democratic, then partnerships will gradually improve.

 AQUARIUS [Jan 21-Feb 19]

You need to be cautious and mindful online as the Sun, Mars and Uranus throw a fiery hand grenade into the social media mix. Take extra care when driving too, as you’re more accident prone than usual. Single? Love is in the air on the weekend, when the New Moon revs up your relationship zone and a promising suitor steps into the dating spotlight. Attached? The planetary patterns encourage you to make a bold romantic gesture that knocks your partner off their feet.

PISCES [Feb 20-March 20]


If you confuse fact with fantasy on Monday, then you could end up with a complicated mess on your hands. So do your best to keep your feet on the ground Pisces! Making a snap decision about a family matter [or joint finances] on Wednesday could turn out surprisingly well. But do you feel dismally disorganised? Is a lack of a daily routine letting you down? Perhaps it’s time to tune into the fiery energy of Sunday’s New Moon and try a more creative and proactive approach?

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Joanne Madeline Moore has a special connection with India, as her grandfather was born in Lucknow. She has been a professional astrologer and writer for over 20 years. Her horoscope columns are currently published in over 40 newspapers and magazines [and on websites] in Canada, England, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. You can also read her daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes [and her astrology blog] on her website at

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