Delhi to Varanasi in under three hours; bullet train on its way

Delhi, Varanasi, bullet train
Delhi to Varanasi in under three hours; bullet train on its way

New Delhi: In what could be a treat from Indian Railway, now the commuters will be able to cover the distance between Delhi and Varanasi in less than three hours. A bullet train project is in the works of connecting Delhi and Varanasi that would cut the existing travel time down by 9.5 hours.

Taken up as a priority, the BJP is eager to complete the project connecting the holy city with the nation’s capital.

Once operational, travelling from Delhi to Lucknow, a distance of 440 KM will take one hour and 38 minutes in the bullet train capable of touching speeds of up to 250 km/h, a railway official said.

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A feasibility study of the project, which is part of the Delhi-Kolkata high-speed corridor (1474.5 km), was conducted by Spanish firm M/s INECO-TYPSA-ICT, and the final draft report was submitted to the high-speed rail corporation and railway board on Thursday, a Times Of India report said.

The report submitted indicates that a fare of Rs 4.5 per km will be considered as base fare, meaning that your Delhi to Lucknow trip will cost at least Rs 1,980 and Delhi to Varanasi around Rs 3,240.

Other high-speed projects include the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor that will start in September this year, and the Mumbai-Nagpur stretch which is in the advanced stage of getting approvals, the report said.

Upon receiving approval, the Delhi-Lucknow stretch will be operational by 2029 and the Delhi- Varanasi one by 2031.

The Delhi-Varanasi stretch will pass through Greater Noida, Aligarh, Lucknow, Sultanpur and Jaunpur. The report has proposed to keep the main terminal in Delhi near Akshardham Temple.

The estimated preliminary cost is expected to be around Rs 52,680 for the 720 km Delhi-Varanasi stretch, and Rs 1.21 lakh crore for the 1474.5km Delhi-Kolkata corridor.


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