Viral video shows tiger snuggling upto pregnant women’s belly

In a recent video thats gone viral, a tiger can be seen snuggling upto a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Tigers are predators feared by man and beast, so this scene came as a shock to many, thus taking the internet by storm.

The video was posted to Facebook by Brittany Osborne after visiting Indiana’s Potawatomi Zoo with her pregnant cousin, Natasha Handshoe.

Brittany wrote, “We went to the Wine on the Wild Side occasion and this huge tiger realized that my cousin Natasha Handshoe was pregnant! The tiger was cuddling her belly! It was the SWEETEST (sic) minute.” In the same video, someone can also be heard exclaiming, “I don’t know whether to chuckle or be frightened. That is so insane.”

There have been mixed reactions from the community online. Many believe that the tiger was pawing at the pregnant woman because it might have taken her as a prey, but some believe that the tiger was in an affectionate mood and wanted to snuggle up to her belly.

Ms. Handshoe told various online media that the tigers were sleeping in the back and when she returned to the exhibit to take a selfie, this tiger started pawing the glass. “I do believe the tiger knew I was pregnant just by the way it was acting,” she says.

The facebook video has over 1.2 million views.

We went to the Wine on the Wild Side event and this beautiful tiger knew that my cousin Natasha Handshoe was pregnant! The tiger was snuggling with her baby bump! It was the SWEETEST moment!

Posted by Brittany Osborne on Saturday, 17 June 2017

The zoo also shared the incredible video with the comment, “This is why the Zoo is here – to help make connections to nature! Thanks for sharing this amazing video with one of our tiger sisters, Morgana.”


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