This upcoming app will help you find toilets in Delhi

Nobody is happy with the untidy public toilets around us and our helplessness in getting them cleaned. Complaining to the concerned authorities seldom proves fruitful. Finally, an app has been launched by the Delhi Government to report such untidy toilets.

Within two months, Delhi’s three civic bodies will be launching a mobile app, which will help users give a feedback about the toilet’s condition. MCD officials said as soon as they receive a feedback, teams will be sent to check the public utilities and they would inform private supervisors managing the toilet.

The app will also help in finding the location of all MCD toilets across the city. Users are enabled to give feedback if these are not clean or lack basic amenities such as water taps. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation provided the location of 900 public utilities; North Delhi Municipal Corporation 350 and EDMC 550.

According to the results compiled by the Swachh Survekshan survey 2017, North MCD, SDMC and EDMC ranked 279, 202 and 196 respectively in a survey held across 434 Indian cities on waste management, sanitation conditions and overall cleanliness.

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“Our three agencies are currently busy with the geotagging of all public toilets in their jurisdiction. The process included identifying the latitude and longitude location of each toilet and marking them on google map as well so that the people can easily locate them. We are assuming the work to be completed in a couple of days,” said an official from IT department, South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

An official said the app will have rating parameters of Happy, Not Happy and Satisfied.

“The app users can also identify missing amenities such as no water supply, poor maintenance or repair work,” an official said.

Devender Kumar, Director, Department of Environment Management services said, “If it is dirty, we will arrange for its cleaning within hours. But, if it needs repair work, it will be done in a week’s time,” he said.

A study by the NGO Action Aid in December 2016 found that out of 229 toilets surveyed, only 149 had facilities for women. According to the report, out of 229 toilets, 70 per cent were not clean, 65 per cent had no flush facility, 50 per cent had no water supply, 70 per cent had no signages and almost 70 per cent were not disabled friendly.

The app does provide a platform to report the issues but the personnel responsible for taking action is still the same as previous, so how far this plan is going to work out? That remains to be seen.


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