This is how Google’s next Pixel will look like

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This is how Google's next Pixel will look like

San Fransisco tech giant Google created a buzz when it came up with its exclusive smartphone Pixel last year. Now pictures of Google’s next Pixel XL is making rounds on social media which gives a slight insight into the features of the upcoming phone.

The new image, which comes to us via Android Police, shows a handset that looks pretty similar to what Google’s first Pixel.

There are a couple noticeable changes, though, including a larger rear-facing camera (notice how it’s not a dual-lens setup) and a much slimmer bezel on the front of the display.

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But Android Police reports the LG-made phone will also ship with one big new feature and, well, it’s pretty gimmicky. The upcoming flagship will sport the same “squeezable” frame technology as HTC’s new U 11, according to the blog.

What that means is the sides of the phone will be pressure sensitive so that you can trigger certain actions, like calling up Google Assistant, simply by squeezing the outside of the phone. It’s not clear if this will work exactly the same on the Pixel as it does on the U11, but on the U 11 you can set different shortcuts for different types of squeezes.

Google is expected to launch the next generation of its Pixel phones later this year.


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