Girl locked by her parents in dark room for 20 years, rescued

Girl locked by her parents in dark room for 20 years, rescued

In a shocking incident at Candolim locality of Goa, a woman was rescued from a dark room, where she was kept locked for last 2 decades by her parents for her abnormal behaviour, according to the reports.

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The information came to light after an NGO informed the police about the woman aged 50 has been locked inside the room behind her family’s house and was served food through the window. The NGO got information from a local person who claimed that woman has been locked from last 20 years.

A team from the Women’s Police Station raided the house and they found the woman naked in a dark room. According to the officials, the woman was married to a man in Mumbai and later she found that he was married from before.

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She came back to Goa and was in a mental trauma due to wich she started behaving abnormally, it then the family decided to lock her up in a dark room.

After Rescue, the woman was taken to the hospital and Police said “We are yet to arrest anyone in this case. The investigation is still at the primary stage. The statement of family members of the woman is being recorded,”


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