Fringe group targets Kamal Haasan for hosting Big Boss

Fringe group targets Kamal Haasan for hosting Big Boss

Right wing group, The Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) has targetted Kamal Haasan for hosting Tamil version of the reality show Big Boss.

The HMK leader wants veteran actor Kamal Haasan and the participants of the show to be arrested immediately for ‘vulgarity’ and ‘intimate scenes’ being portrayed on the show. The party feels that the content of the show is against Indian culture. They also claim the show causes erosion of ‘social values’.

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The party concentrates on claiming that the show has mocked the Tamil Thai Vazhthu (Invocation to Tamil Mother) and has badly hurt the sentiments of the families in the state.

Talking to NewsMobile partner Republic TV’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Kamal Haasan said “I do not mind being arrested for making a point. How silly the accusations is all about, should we not arrest the dance that happens around cricket. They dance in short dresses. I am mistaken to be a communist by the right wing groups, I am not a communist, the truth is, I am a rationalist. I am willing to accept any good ideas coming from either side as long as it works along with the world logic”.

Press release by the MHK, demanding arrest of Kamal Hassan and participants of Big Boss



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