Pakistan panic over Afghanistan’s counter-terrorism operation along Durand Line

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The Afghanistan government has said that the Pakistan government is in panic and concerned over the military operations to be launched along and on both sides of Durand Line to eliminate various terrorist groups from the region.

The statement from the Afghan government came after foreign affairs adviser of the Pakistani Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz had accused President Ashraf Ghani of supporting the Taliban.

A presidential palace spokesman Najibullah Azad told that such remarks reflect the concerns and panic among the Pakistani officials as a massive operation is expected to be launched along and on both sides of Durand Line which will be monitored by the United States and China to eliminate the terrorist from the region.

A week ago, the Afghan government had announced that it would be carrying out joint operations along the Durand line against terrorists and their safe havens in the area under the supervision of the US and China. The operation would require a coordinated strike but the pressure is higher for Pakistan as it needs to show its commitment to fight terrorism being harboured in its territory.

The US State Department had earlier suggested that the aid provided to Pakistan could be significantly reduced as terrorism continues to flourish within the borders of Pakistan. The US State Department also added that any long lasting peace and stability in the region was entirely dependant on Pakistan supporting international efforts to eradicate terrorism.


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