Ferrari to build a crossover SUV

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Ferrari to build a crossover SUV

The supercar makes seems to expand their boundaries to other segments, as it used to be unimaginable that high-end sports car and supercar manufacturers would ever consider producing SUVs, and then, of course, Porsche went and brought us the Cayenne. After that, it was a while before rivals followed suit, but now even Bentley and Lamborghini are getting in on the act. But the really unthinkable now appears to be happening, and that’s Ferrari developing an SUV of its own.

It’s hard to see the majority of fanatical Ferrari enthusiasts welcoming the news, but that’s unlikely to worry the legendary Italian automaker as it pushes forward with its own utility vehicle, which is apparently a project currently codenamed “F16X” at the moment.

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It’s being reported that sources in Maranello are saying the Ferrari SUV will be built alongside the next-gen GTC4 Lusso and will feature and aluminium architecture. It’s claimed the new model will be a high-riding soft-roader with rear suicide doors and no B-pillar that will mean a large opening to the rear seats. It will, of course, have an all-wheel drive system, which will come from Ferrari’s experience with the FF and GTC4 Lusso. A petrol V-8 is likely to be the engine powering the new model although it’s also entirely possible, and in the current climate likely, there will also be a hybrid powertrain option.

One thing that is for certain is the Ferrari SUV won’t be cheap, and it probably won’t be referred to in any way by the legendary Italian brand as an SUV or crossover. It’s believed the asking price will start in the region of $342,000, although that could rise considerably with inflation as the rumored addition to the Ferrari family isn’t expected to go on sale until 2021.


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