Become a fashionable wizard with this trendy Hogwarts clothing line

Black Milk Clothing is out with Hogwarts apparel and fans can’t get enough of it! The online clothing company has all the house merchandise any wizarding world fan could ask for.

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The Hogwarts collection features clothes with the iconic Hogwarts symbol, pictures of magical beasts like the ‘thestral’, Deathly Hallows signs, lightning symbols and more from this fictional world.

You can not only find Mrs. Weasley’s special jumpers but can also purchase leggings, dresses and tees depending on your favourite Hogwarts House.

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The line is expanding upon the ‘Hall of Hogwarts’ collection launched in October last year. Pieces include all the usual school merch, from Hogwarts house jerseys to letterman jackets, plus skirts printed with Harry’s Maurader’s Map and leggings covered in Daily Prophet headlines.

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However, as all fans know being a wizard isn’t exactly easy and similarly dressing as a Hogwarts student unfortunately doesn’t come cheap. The collection ranges from $55 to $180.



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