Amazon receives govt approval to invest in grocery retail in India

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Ecommerce company Amazon has received government approval to stock and sell food and groceries in India, paving the way for the company to introduce its Amazon Go service in India with some tweaks.

Grocery sales are still dominated by general stores and retail giants such as Big Bazaar but no ecommerce platform stocks their own food and grocery inventory, relying instead on the general stores to supply the inventory. With the government’s approval now secured, Amazon will be greatly expanding its business in India to offer all products through a single platform.

Amazon is banking on taking advantage of the greater penetration of smartphones and the shift in the consumer base towards online shopping to justify Amazon’s investments in the grocery sector.

Amazon already stocks and sells food and grocery products in other nations, such as the US, through its Amazon Go service. Under the service, consumers can walk in and walk out with their grocery shopping, with the consumer being charged through their Amazon account. The entire service is best explained by this video:


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