Pakistan will continue to support Kashmiris: Aziz

Showing their double speak again in regards to relations with India, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s advisor Sartaj Aziz has again reiterated that Islamabad would continue to support Kashmiri’s politically, morally and diplomatically until and unless Kashmiri’s achieve freedom from India and at the same time expressed his willingness to resume dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding issues, including Kashmir dispute.

“Pakistan wants to resume dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding issues, including Kashmir dispute so that the peace could be restored in the region. Pakistan would continue to support Kashmiris politically, morally and diplomatically until and unless Kashmiris achieve freedom from India,” The News International quoted Aziz as saying in an interview with Pakistan’s official TV channel.

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Accusing India of increasing the tension on the Line of Control to divert attention from the human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, Aziz said, “During the last one year, India had committed 450 LoC violations and many innocent people had been martyred in these violations”.

Pakistan military and ISI in connivance with various terror groups have been indulging in covert activities to create unrest in Kashmir and Aziz’s statement on Kashmir provides ample proof that Pakistan will continue to disrupt peace in Kashmir. “India could not suppress the vigour of Kashmiris for freedom. At last India would have to give freedom to Kashmiris. If India was a democratic country, then it should give chance to people of Kashmir for deciding their future course,” Aziz stated.

In a bid to glorify the killing of terrorist Burhan Muzaffar Wani, by calling him martyr, Aziz said, “The Indian atrocities on Kashmiris had reached at their peak and vigour of Kashmiris had also reached at the peak”. Aziz even raised the issue of plebiscite saying, if referendum could be held in Italy and Britain, then why not in Kashmir, adding “if plebiscite was held in Kashmir hardly any Muslim would decide to live with India”.

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He said that United Nations resolutions are still present regarding Kashmir dispute. The issue is still alive on the agenda of the UNO. He further said, “India could not succeed in bringing demographic changes”. He also said that Pakistan will be attending the meeting of the foreign ministers which will be held in Ivory Coast next week and Islamabad will highlight the Indian atrocities on Kashmiris and will give important message regarding Kashmir issue.


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