North Korea warns US of Nuclear war after its Live-Fire Drills

Moscow [Russia]: The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) has warned the United States of nuclear war after it carried out a live-fire bombing run near North Korea border.

As per the Sputnik, in a North Korean Sunday, the DPRK accused the U.S. of engaging in military provocations which intend to initiate nuclear conflict in the region.

“The Korean peninsula is the largest gunpowder area in the world with the highest risk of nuclear war, and is the largest hot spot in the world where there is always a risk of nuclear war,” reads the DPRK editorial.

“[Washington] is surely spreading into a new world war,” the editorial further stated.

It further said that Washington’s move was just an attempt to distract from US President Donald Trump’s serious crisis of power on Capitol Hill.

After North Korea demonstrated a of what it claimed to be its first ICBM on July 4, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting and deployed two B-18 strategic bombers to the region.

The strategic bomber carrying out live-fire bombing runs at a South Korean training range, which was escorted by US, South Korean and Japanese fighter jets.


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