Chinese media states that ‘third country’ can enter Kashmir citing India-China border face-off

In the latest development in the border standoff between India and China, an article in the Global Times has stated that “a third country’s army can enter the area disputed by India and Pakistan, including India-controlled Kashmir” by citing India’s assistance to Bhutan in stopping road construction in the Doklam region of Bhutan.

The article supported this statement by stating that even if Bhutan had requested assistance from India in the Doklam region, India could only do so in its established territory and not in disputed territory. The Global Times then says that the Chinese government could follow the same logic and intervene in the Kashmir issue on behalf of Pakistan.

The article also went further and accused India of illegally taking over Sikkim and sought to do the same to Bhutan and Nepal. The article also alleges that the Indian government acted beyond its borders not to assist Bhutan but to prevent China from developing infrastructure in the region and influencing Northeast India.

The Chinese government, through its state-run media, has criticized India’s stand on the border issue and the article is the latest in an attempt to legitimize its own position in acting in the area while undermining India’s legitimate concerns and actions to contain Chinese interference in South Asia, especially in Bhutan, with whom India has always had friendly relations with.


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