‘Candy Crush’ to debut on TV

'Candy Crush' to debut on TV

Dear Candy Crush addicts, time to keep your phones aside, as the mobile game is now coming on TV as a game show.

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Based on the immensely successful mobile game, seasoned television personality Mario Lopez will host the ‘Candy Crush’ TV show.

To attract the audience and watch the show on TV, ‘Candy Crush’ supersizes the visuals and the action, reports Stuff.co.nz.

There will be two specially designed video walls and each wall is made up of 55 monitors, measuring more than 20 x 25 feet, while the contestants battle it out for a 100,000 dollars grand prize.

One wall is placed horizontally on the stage floor and the other is placed perpendicular to it, and the players in safety harnesses scoot across, up and down the screens.

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According to the makers of the game, nearly 200 billion game rounds were played in the ‘Candy Crush Saga’ last year.


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