Brave IAF officer gave his life trying to save people from Arunachal landslide

Brave IAF officer gave his life trying to save people from Aruncahal landslide

Arunachal Pradesh is prone to landslides in this season of the year. Indian forces are always ready to save people from such natural hazards such as landslides. Brave Indian Air Force commander lost his life in the incident when he gave his best to save people trapped in Arunachal Pradesh after a landslide.

On 4th of July we lost a brave air warrior in a tragic helicopter crash during a flood rescue op in Arunachal Wg Cdr Mandeep Dhillon. RIP

— Aviator Anil Chopra (@Chopsyturvey) July 8, 2017

Officer Mandeep Singh was in his full effort trying to save the people in Arunachal Pradesh during an evacuation operation after the landslide. He helped to save 169 people from 5 sorties but unfortunately lost his life in the 6th one when the weather went out of hand.

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Officer Mandeep and his team got to know about the weather and decided not to risk the lives of the civilians and went back in the helicopter without people on board. After flying for few minutes, suddenly ground station lost contact when the incident happened, according to the reports.


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