Paint your world yellow cause ’tis the season

There is a reason to be optimistic this season for all those who love fashion. As yellow is the color on trend now.

Perhaps the most optimistic color on the wheel, thinking of the color yellow, throws up flashes of sunshine and mustard fields and Beatles singing, ‘The yellow submarine’ actually laughing in the track.

You must have heard the adage, when life gives you lemons… and despaired. But, it’s time to change all that. The new color in your life, yellow, will soon be inspiring you to peel of the rind and put the color all around. Now, when life gives you lemons, color your life with it and make it a happy occasion.

It was also one of the favorite colors of the iconic artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Splashes of yellow adorn his paintings making even the dullest of scenes come alive – even wilted sunflowers on an old wall uplift your mood on a rainy day as do monotonous wheat fields.

I must confess that I simply love yellow and this trend just tailor-made for me. I have been slowly and surely changing most things around me to the various shades of yellow.

Today, I thought of sharing a list of my favorite yellow things from the Internet to inspire you to love yellow as much as the world does at the moment.

Let’s start with the wardrobe.

When one thinks, color of the season, one of course thinks of clothes first. Here’s a look at wardrobe essentials for 2017.

Yellow Skirt

Who doesn’t love a pretty skirt, and if it is yellow, it can instantly brighten up your day like this one here, paired with a timeless polka dot top. Sheer happiness follows wherever you walk.


Love shoes? I know, a redundant question. Yellow shoes are the most ridiculously pretty things that add a pop of sunshine to even the dreariest of days. Take a look here,

Yellow Casuals a la, Gigi Hadid

If celebrity endorsement is what moves you, then here’s Gigi Hadid’s canary-inspired look. Sure to add a spring to your step and envy among your peers when you step out for a party looking this cool.

Happy Formals

Have you ever thought of going to a client meeting wearing a splash of brightness. I bet you have but, the thought of wearing something ‘casual’ on a formal meeting always stops you. Right?

Fret no more. Here’s the answer to a happy work wear. I’d say, make it a wardrobe essential for all gloomy days at work!

A word of caution, don’t break out into the song, ‘I’m walking in sunshine’ in the middle of a grave discussion though!

Yellow Saree 

Can anyone resist a yellow saree? I am not sure I know anyone who does.


Yellow bags. Who can say no to such beauties? Or should I say, who wants them? This one especially goes out for all Dior fans here.

Home Decor

So, you are still not sold on changing your wardrobe? Never mind. If you are the kinds who don’t take on to a new color like a duck to the pond, despair not. Change your surroundings. Plenty of yellow inspiration to redo your home and kitchen. Take a look,

Wall Paint

If you love adorning your walls, then, yellow is the best foil for your canvases.


Yellow is a beautiful and warm shade to come home to. So, if you don’t have the time to paint the walls, here are some quick-fix ideas.

Yellow Bedspread

Yellow Chair 

Yellow Cushions

Yellow Kitchenware

Yellow Crockery 

So, what are you waiting for? Go shop while Coldplay’s, ‘It was all yellow,’ plays in a loop inside your head making you skip in the mall.

Hey! Still not convinced? Take a look at the Queen in top to toe yellow at a recent function in the UK. Surely, yellow’s got the royal seal this time round! What did I say earlier?


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