US strategic bombers carry out operational mission over Korean peninsula

File Photo of B-1B Bomber

As North Korea continues its nuclear weapons program and threatens the US and its allies, the US military has conducted a flight operation over the Korean Peninsula with two US B-1B Lancer bombers.

The two bombers took off from the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and conducted a 10-hour mission over the Korean Peninsula. The bombers were joined by South Korean F-15 jets, American F-16 jets and Japanese F-2 jets during the mission. According to a statement by the US Air Force, the bombers practiced attack capabilities by releasing inert weapons at the Pilsung Range, an air-to-ground training range in South Korea.

With the ever present threat of North Korean aggression, the US has been ramping up defence preparation against North Korea. Along with the bomber operation, the US is also set to test its THAAD missile defence technology in Alaska. Demonstrations of military capability by the US are being conducted to show America’s commitment to providing security to its allies in Asia.


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