An app to track missing children

An app to track missing children

In such a diverse and vast population of India, several cases of missing children are reported every day. Two and a half lakh children have gone missing between January 2012 and March 2017, according to a report.

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Nothing could be more upsetting for the parents than to lose their child. Thanks to an initiative by Vijay Gnanadesikan an IT professional who decided to ease the process of tracking missing children through an app called Facetagr. “If you feed in a photo, our software automatically links it to children who look similar in our database,” said Vijay

Vijay and his team have created a bank of photos collected from government and social media sites which nearly counts to 3 lakh children. The app has also helped around 100 children to rematch with their parents. Vijay is also in talks with anti-child trafficking unit in TN and the directorate of social defence to develop facial recognition for the app to make a mammoth task of filtering through 3 lakh pictures of the missing children.

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The team is also doing a project in Nepal to restrict child trafficking.  “We are giving 15 handsets with the app to volunteers there,” said Vijay.



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