This headband will help you sleep like a baby

Technological developments seem to be solving all sorts of problems being faced by people. The latest device to enter the market will supposedly help its users sleep better. A tech startup called Rythm has announced the launch of Dreem, a headband-like device that uses white noise via bone conduction to help the user get to sleep faster. The device has been designed by Yves Behar, one of the leading industrial designers for new technologies.

The device monitors brain function during deep sleep and syncs it with sound simulations to improve deep sleep by up to 32 percent. The device also doubles up as a silent alarm clock that uses the same vibrations to wake you up in time to get ready for the day. All of the features of the headband can be controlled from the Android and iOS app.

The device is currently available for pre-order from their site for $399 until July 15th and will begin shipping by the end of the year.


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