This Chinese 7-year-old boy with 8 pack abs has taken over the internet

Chen Yi, 7-year-old, Gymnast, 8-pack-abs

Fitness enthusiasts put a huge amount of efforts to get in the shape and get that curvy physique. This Chinese 7-year-old boy decided to take on his fitness to a whole new different level by starting training at such an early age.

Chen Yi, a resident of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province in east China, was photographed during a gymnastic game on July 2 and he is now giving some serious fitness goals to all the gym freaks across the world. His 8-pack-abs look rock solid.

The boy has started his career as a gymnast and he has won seven medals, including six golds and one silver, in all of the events at the 19th Hangzhou City Sports Games which was his first formal competition.

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Chen started his training for gymnastic from a very early age. He used to do pull ups when he was in kindergarten, according to the reports.

Starting at such an early age, Chen has developed good stamina, physique, strength flexibility, and good motor coordination, according to his coach.

His Facebook post has more than 27000 likes. He is indeed an inspiration to all those couch potatoes waiting for the right time to hit the gym, never its too early to do something.



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