EXCLUSIVE- Inside Air India One: The jet setter PM’s home in the skies

The US President Donald Trump crisscrosses the globe in the Air Force One and the Boeing 747-800 while India has its own version of the Air Force One, the Air India One, the jumbo which has ferried the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Xiamen in China to attend BRICS summit.

While you would have seen pictures of Modi coming down the aircraft waving for the first time NewsMobile provides you to its readers, an Exclusive look at what is to be on board Air India One the VVIP aircraft that ferries the top Indian dignitaries.

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Air India One is the call sign of the Special Air India aircraft charter carrying the Prime Minister of India, President or the Vice President.

Currently Air India One is a Boeing 747-200 with some exclusive specifications for the safe and comfortable travel for the Indian leaders.


There is a panel of eight experienced pilots who are always prepared to fly the VVIP anywhere across the globe and a set of crew is specially trained for the VVIP flight.

Once a flight is scheduled, one among it is pulled and configured with a VVIP type setting which includes a bedroom, a conference room and the aircraft is equipped with satellite phone, fax, internet and other necessities to make it functional office in the sky.

Air India One

Once the configuration is complete, the plane is taken over by personnel from Special Protection Group (SPG) for security checking and anti sabotage check as each and every inch of the plane including the fuel and water is scanned before being filled.

SPG is tasked with PM’s security with the flight being monitored from Air Force Station in Palam, New Delhi. While Delhi Police’s security wing manages the security element for the President and Vice President


Air India One has got a VVIP suite specially procured from Boeing. The VVIP suite has a restricted entry even to the delegation on board, it has PM’s bedroom. On the front side is a conference room with a satellite phone, where the PM meets his national security team and members of his delegation.

At each stop, Modi prefers to be briefed in advance and his private secretary and only selected senior officials are allowed in to brief the PM ahead of his each stop on his foreign tours.

Air India One

The aircraft is divided into three sections with the first class meant for Ministers and senior officials in the lower deck followed by the VVIP’s cabin, which has a bedroom, a conference room, first class seating and a full equipped toilet. While the senior officials of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Prime Minister’s secretariat are seated on the upper deck

There are 34 business class seats for media persons on the aircraft behind the VVIP cabin which allows them to come out of the cabin directly to the media cabin to address a presser in the air. While President and Vice President travel with a media delegation, under Modi while only the official media travels on board.


Guests are served with a gourmet meal prepared to their personal choices. Sources say that while Modi is a frugal eater settling for a simple vegetarian meal and just warm water and fruits when he is fasting.

Air India One

There is no liquor served on board Modi’s Air India one, the one Premier with a penchant for a good meal was AB Vajpayee who would have choicest delicacies and chef Hemant Oberoi from the Taj group was drafted to cook for the PM on his foreign tours.

While the Official logo is inscribed in yellow on the seats the President, Vice President and Prime Minister sit, AI one has a signature designer livery specially designed for AI I.


Towards the end of the aircraft is the security and other support staff cabin which ensures that Air India One is well guarded and the office is kept running, important messages to the PMO can be sent in an encrypted form from inside the PM’s VVIP suite.

Air India One

There is also a doctor and emergency medical equipment on board to attend to any emergency in the flight.


With a host of security features, that rival a fighter jet including radar warning receivers, Missile Approach Warning System, Flares & Chaff: Flares are high-temperature heat sources ejected from aircraft that mislead heat-sensitive or heat-seeking missiles.

In order to ensure that the aircraft controls are not subjected to any hacking, there is even an Intruder Detection System: An intrusion detection system (IDS) inspects all inbound and outbound network activity and identifies suspicious patterns that may indicate a network or system attack from someone attempting to break into or compromise a system.


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