All you need to know about Tesla’s cheapest car yet, the Model 3

Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla has reworked the very idea of what to expect from electric cars. The company began converting Lotus Exiges into fully electric cars with the Tesla Roadster, before foraying into indigenous car development. Suffice to say, the Tesla Model S took the automotive world by storm.

Since then, Tesla has continued manufacturing electric cars that effortlessly integrate next generation technology to provide car owners the joys and benefits of driving an electric car, without all the inconvenient quirks electric cars have been associated with.

Tesla is now poised to begin production of the newest addition to its portfolio, which is expected to make electric cars available at a much lower price point. The Tesla Model 3 will be Tesla’s first mass market electric car and interest is high around the world. So here is everything you will need to know about the Tesla Model 3.

The Cheapest Tesla yet

The Tesla Model 3 was announced with a price tag of $35,000 (approx Rs. 23 lakhs) which is significantly lower than the Model S ($68,000) and Model X ($82,500). The price was so attractive, Tesla received 115,000 orders for the Model 3 within the first 24 hours of being announced. Musk has stated that the company will be expanding its production capabilities to handle the increased demand and meet the 500,000 production target in 2018.

The Model S but smaller

The Tesla Model 3 comes equipped with everything its bigger sibling has as standard. The exceptional range, giant touchscreen, and autonomous driving features of the Model S will make their way to the Model 3. These features will only be smaller. Since the car is smaller than the Model S, the minimum range comes down to about 346 kilometers, from the Model S’ 426 kilometer minimum range.

The giant 17-inch touchscreen that graced the Model S’ cabin will be reduced to a 15-inch display, offering the driver all the information they would need while driving. Apart from these, the autonomous driving features and the stellar 5-star safety rating will be standard across the Model 3 range.

WATCH: Elon Musk announces the Tesla Model 3


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