This startup runs moving hotels that are buses with beds and Wi-Fi

Cabin, a hospitality transportation company, will soon start overnight bus services between San Francisco and Los Angeles from July 14. What makes Cabin’s buses different from any overnight bus is that the company’s special double decker buses are moving hotels, complete with 24 sleeping pod-style beds, a lounge space, bathroom, and Wi-Fi.

For $115, a passenger can cover nearly 644 km of road between the two cities in complete comfort. Interest from passengers has been quite high for the bus service with more than 20,000 people on a waiting list for the bus rides when the company was called SleepBus. Investors are also enamoured by the service, with Cabin securing $3 million in seed funding last month.

Based on the success of the San Francisco-Los Angeles route, the startup could expand its service to other routes, including New York-Boston, Boston-Washington D.C., and New York-Washington D.C. The startup also plans on introducing a Harry Potter-themed Night Bus ride in the near future.


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