Delhi Sikh community sends legal notice to newspaper, accusing it of allegedly defaming the community

Image depicting Sikh smoking cigarette in Hindustan Times Brunch

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has sent a legal notice to Hindustan Times for allegedly defaming the Sikh community. The notice was sent by advocate Jagmohan Singh on behalf of DSGMC President S. Manjit Singh GK.

The legal notice was sent in reference to a picture published in Hindustan Times’ Brunch publication depicting a turbaned Sikh lighting a cigarette, an act that is against the religious principles of Sikhism. The legal notice has demanded an official apology from Hindustan Times.

“Several People from the Sikh community brought this issue to the President who then decided to file a petition. It has hurt the sentiments of Sikh Community by showing a Sikh lighting a cigarette. This is offensive and our guru has always taught us not to consume tobacco and the community seeks apology from Hindustan Times,” advocate Jagmohan Singh told NewsMobile.

The legal notice sent by DSGMC to Hindustan Times
The legal notice sent by DSGMC to Hindustan Times


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