China’s ‘heaviest rocket’ Long March-5 Y2 fails post lift-off

Beijing [China]: The launch of China’s heavy-lift carrier rocket, the Long March-5 Y2, has failed after an anomaly was detected during its flight. It was the flight’s second launch.

According to the state-run Xinhua agency, the flight, which was carrying an experimental communication satellite, developed an anomaly during its flight at 7.23 p.m. (4. 53 p.m. IST) from Wenchang Space Launch Center in the Chinese southern province Hainan.

“Further investigation will be carried out,” the Xinhua report said.

Long March-5 Y2 is designed to carry up to 25 tons of payload into low orbit, which makes it the second most powerful rocket in the world after the United State’s Delta IV Heavy.

Dubbed as the ‘Chubby 5’, the satellite is 5 meters in diameter and 57 meters tall.

The Long March-5 made its first flight in November 2016, sending its payload into preset orbit.


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