Enjoy some me time with rain this Monsoon

Monsoons have a special place in our heart. As Indians we wait and watch for the rains, rejoicing when the skies turn grey and when the fat droplets fall on the awning the pitter-patter matching the rhythm of our heart.

We pray for the rains to arrive because our life depends on it. The heat of the summer that brings sweet fruits soon becomes oppressive and the dry air from the air conditioner starts feeling like prison air.

Songs about rains abound in our legends and folklore. It is a part of Indian culture. Rain is like magic. It turns the dusty brown meadows to lush green. It forces even the shyest to break into a dance. It is believed that rain has the power to heal and regrow from the diseased and the dead.

But, rains also have the effect of making you feel lonely if you are stuck alone in the house with rain lashing outside your window.

Over the years I have found these sure-fire hacks to beat the Monsoon blues if I have no one else around.


Turn on the music and dance

Turn on the music and put on your favorite singer or musician on full volume. Now, dance and sing along. You can also run out to the balcony and get drenched while at it. It is obviously number one on my list. Nothing like old fashioned singing and dancing in the rain to brighten your day by several notches. Guaranteed to beat the blues.


Bring out the wine

‘Tis the time to celebrate. Bring out the best wine from the cellar and open it up. Savor the taste and the smell and feel the cheer coming through. This can also be an alternative number one on the list if you are feeling really down and out. You won’t have to drag yourself out to the balcony after a glass. You will probably be mixing your wine with rainwater after three. Dancing would be totally unplanned and the music will play in your head. No need to wake up the neighbor if your choice of music is loud and it is midnight!


Watch a movie

What are DVD players and your huge movie collection for? Bring out your favorite and sit on the couch under the window. Lying down and watching is totally allowed and if you doze off midway, don’t bother about switching off the TV. It will shut down on its own when the movie gets over. enjoy the nap – you deserve a break.


Bake a cake

I cannot say this for everyone but, I do this when I am feeling active but, lonely. The smell of freshly baked cake is so wonderful that you will forget all your woes. In fact, you may not want anyone coming in even by mistake because, then you will have to share the cake with them. Am I right or am I right?


Read a book

While you are waiting for the cake to raise and become fluffy, take out the book you have been meaning to read for a while and snuggle up in the bed or on the softest of the couches at your home and immerse yourself in the complex lives of fascinating people you will never meet. Guaranteed to make you happy and keep you engaged.


Pursue a hobby

I love to sketch and hardly get any time for it. If caught alone at home on a rainy day, I bring out my sketchbook and give it a go. Also, raindrops and clean environment make a lovely frame. Bring out your camera and click or just use the phonecam and upload on Instagram. Nothing like creativity to beat the blues.

These are some of my favorite things to do on a rainy day or night if I am home alone. I try to keep off sad movies, books and songs and keep things cheerful around me. Rains tend to make people emotional and that is why we crave company. However, nothing can make you sad if you enjoy your own company.

One last advice, don’t forget to put on your favorite dress and perfume when you indulge in your party for one. Nothing uplifts your mood like seeing yourself in the mirror looking and smelling your best.

Happy Monsoons and don’t forget to throw the rain dance for one in your backyard this year. Who knows, it could become an annual ritual because it is so much fun!


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