Sand City of Iran ‘Arg-e-Bam’

A citadel in the southern plateau of Iran called Arg-e-Bam is one of the unique ancient city structures in the world. The entire city looks like it has been carved out of the sand. Astonishingly! the barren fortified citadel stands strong till this date. this earthen architecture city owes its existence to a magic worm, according to the legends.

The worm in the legends and poems can be described as the silkworm. Built during the 6th to 4th centuries B.C. at the crossroads of important trade routes and it was famous for its silk and cotton garments.


Alpine rivers once flowed into Bam and dispersed into irrigation canals, making the walled city an oasis in the desert suitable for agriculture.


UNESCO took over the project of comprehensive restructure of Arg-e Bam in 2008. It managed to reconstruct the ancient city with original earthen architecture techniques and materials. In 2013, Arge-e-Bam was removed from the list of  List of World Heritage in Danger. Currently, the city has been restored up to 90 percent.



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