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What did the international media have to say about India’s GST rollout


The Goods and Services Tax has been rolled out by the Modi government, replacing the old tax system that featured numerous indirect taxes. While interest in the introduction of the tax system was high in the country, the global media too watched India closely as it embarked on a financial tax system.

Pakistan hands over list of 546 Indian prisoners to High Commission


The Pakistani Foreign Ministry on Saturday handed over a list of 546 Indian prisoners in Pakistan, to the High Commission of India in Islamabad. According to the Foreign Ministry statement, the list contains the names of 52 civilians and 494 fishermen.

Trump calls for determined response to North Korea, urges South Korea for defence cost sharing


After talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-inUS president Donald Trump called for a determined response to North Korea and its acts of aggression. President Trump also stressed the importance of the US-South Korea alliance but sought for South Korea to increase its responsibilities within the alliance, particularly on trade and defence cost sharing.

Facebook’s new algorithm identifies spam and fake news articles to give you a clean News Feed

Facebook wall

Facebook have introduced changes in its News Feed algorithm in its continued endeavour to identify false news and spam appearing in users’ feeds.

Sand City of Iran ‘Arg-e-Bam’

Arge-e-Bam, Sand City, Iran


A citadel in the southern plateau of Iran called Arg-e-Bam is one of the unique ancient city structures in the world. The entire city looks like it has been carved out of the sand. Astonishingly! the barren fortified citadel stands strong till this date. this earthen architecture city owes its existence to a magic worm, according to the legends.


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