Facebook’s new algorithm identifies spam and fake news articles to give you a clean News Feed

Facebook have introduced changes in its News Feed algorithm in its continued endeavour to identify false news and spam appearing in users’ feeds.

According to Facebook, users who post more than 50 times a day are often engaged in sharing posts that the company deems to be spam or false news. The new algorithm will help Facebook identify the links posted by these users and restrict their distribution in the social media platform.

Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s VP in charge of News Feed, said that the algorithm was not designed to look at the content of posts and would only focus on links with highly clickbait, sensationalist, or false news titles to identify problematic content.

Facebook continues to work to provide its users with a cleaner News Feed that does not feature click-bait type articles, a common gripe among the social platforms users. In recent weeks, Facebook also introduced new algorithms in its system that help its moderators identify extremist propaganda posts being shared on Facebook.


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