In a stunning display of internet camaraderie, celebrities wish man’s bullied son a Happy Birthday

A Twitter user by the name of @Hopenlesmyth recently requested his followers if they knew anyone famous to send his bullied son birthday wishes. The response he got to that request was more than overwhelming as the tweet went viral and many well-known celebrities wished the man’s 8-year-old son a Happy Birthday.

The user, also known as Christopher, had made the request after a bully in school kept saying that his birthday was much better than Christopher son’s. The incessant bullying dampened the young boy’s excitement for his own birthday, prompting the father to give his son a very uplifting birthday gift.

What Christopher didn’t expect was to get wishes from Hollywood star Russell Crowe, anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky, and Olympian Tom Bosworth.

The Olympian even offered to send over send kits from the British Olympic team. Even the English football team as well as Manchester City and Arsenal FC chipped in with their wishes.

Simpsons artist Eric Keyes sent a special gift for the soon to be 9-year-old.

Christopher was extremely grateful to all the people who had sent in their wishes for his son and said that he would show his son all the tweets on his birthday on July 5.


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