Bride cancels wedding after groom’s ‘drunk snake dance’

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Snake dance is now a ritual in every marriage ceremonies. People dance awkwardly by rolling on the floors out of excitement in their friend’s marriage and sometimes groom himself get into the action. One of the bizarre incidences that resulted in cancelling the marriage when bride called off the marriage due to excessive drunk snake dancing by his would-be husband.

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The incident took place in Shajahanpur, Uttar Pradesh this week. The friends of groom started dancing on songs while reaching the marriage venue, the friends called the groom to join the action. The groom was spotted by the bride and she instantly decided to call off the wedding, according to the reports.

According to the bride, the groom looked heavily drunk while dancing. It was awkward for the bride to watch her future husband in such condition. She didn’t want to marry a drunkard and despite several efforts made by her family, the bride was not ready to go ahead with the marriage. At last, the groom’s guest and family were sent back after cancelling the marriage.


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