Scared of injections, now new flu patch coming which will be a stick on

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Needles plays a pivotal role in all the medical purposes, but very soon people who are scared of needles can have a sigh of relief with the new ‘painless’ sticking plaster flu jab that delivers vaccine into the skin. With hundreds of micro hair like needles, painless flu jab patch can penetrate the skin surface from its adhesive side.

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The patch is developed by Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology and funded by US National Institutes of Health. The patch has been proved a success in the initial stage of testing.

The jab patch penetrates only the upper layer, while the normal flu injections can go through the muscles, causing a fraction of a second of pain to the injected. The patch is also easy to store without any need of refrigeration.

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The UK has already introduced a nasal spray flu vaccine for children and this patch can revolutionise the flu vaccination according to the experts.


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