Jadhav’s confession video shows the torture inflicted upon him: Defence experts

Nagpur: As India maintains that the second confession video of ex-naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav released by Pakistan is doctored, the defense experts on Friday opened the same, adding that the video shows the extent to which the alleged Indian spy was tortured to say all that.

Defense experts Sunil Deshpande and Shivali Deshpande both observed that from the marks seen on Jadhav’s face in the video showed that he has been tortured to forcefully say it.

Shivali also argued that a confession video is shot with one camera, instead of a multi-camera setup as used for this confession video, which rather shows as if they were shooting a film.

“Pakistan is again up to its gimmicks. It has released a so-called confession video of Kulbhushan Jadhav. Even a small child who will see this video will be able to make out that it is a doctored video because one can clearly see the marks on Jadhav’s face which show that he has been tortured to say this. Secondly, this is an entire ISI propaganda that they are running through Kulbhushan Jadhav’s mouth,” Shivali told ANI.

Shivali declared that Pakistan should understand that if they kept playing these gimmicks then India will retaliate very strongly.

Similarly, Sunil Deshpande said that such an action by Pakistan shows its desperateness to carry out the process, even when the International Court of Justice has instructed not to take any action in the same till it comes up with a final decision.

“It can be clearly made put that the video is doctored. When you see the video, you can make out how much Kulbhushan Jadhav must have been tortured which can be made out of his face. Even at the ICJ, they had refused to see the video because they knew it was doctored. But, this is the second video. Now, when the case is pending with the ICJ and the International Court has clearly said that no action can be taken then how can Pakistan show this video to the entire world. This shows that they are in a hurry to carry out the process,” Sunil Deshpande told ANI.

According to a statement released by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Jadhav has admitted to charges of espionage, terrorism and subversive activities in the state.

Meanwhile, the case is underway in ICJ after India in May appealed against the death sentence to Jadhav, saying Pakistan had not granted India consular access, nor had accepted his family’s appeals.

The court has asked India to make its submission in the case by September 13 and Pakistan by December 13.

Pakistan had also earlier said that Jadhav will not be executed till he “exhausts all his mercy appeals”


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