Efforts on to rescue toddler stuck in borewell from 15 hours

Girl, Stuck, 15 hours, Borewell, Hyderabad

Despite the efforts of the police, the civic body and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), 14-months-old girl, Chinnari, remains stuck in an abandoned borewell from last 15 hours at Chevella town, 60 km away from Hyderabad.

The girl is alive and she is waving her hand frequently from inside the 37-foot borewell, according to a rescue personnel.

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“Since no pipe was fixed inside the borewell, we could not send a person inside. If we send anyone, there is a danger of mud collapsing and him getting stuck,” said DN Singh, NDRF Assistant Commandant.

NDRF has also tried using Rescue Robot, but the baby’s hand has slipped repeatedly by the robotic arms.

The police tried water method to pull the girl up by the motor, but it failed. The civic bodies also tried digging mud from the different direction to reach the baby but huge rock caused a problem to penetrate.

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The rescue operation is underway in the supervision of State Minister Mahender Reddy and Police Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya.



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