Infosys sued for ‘Discrimination against non-South Asian employees’

Infosys is being sued by its former head of immigration in the US. Erin Green, the man behind the law suit has accused the company of “discrimination” against non-South Asian employees, and has demanded a trial by jury.

It has been filed before a US district Court in the Eastern District of Texas on June 19. It names two senior company officials, Head of Global Immigration Vasudeva Nayak and Executive Vice President and Global Head of Talent and Technology, Binod Hampapur, and makes serious charges against them.

Green worked under Nayak, who quit the company last year.

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Green’s counsel Kilgore & Kilgore, PLLC has said, “Plaintiff was terminated because of Defendant’s obsessional preference for employees of South Asian race and national origin, usually Indian, and as retaliation for reporting Nayak and Hampapur’s discriminatory treatment of himself and others on the basis of race and national origin.”

“His termination was in violation of Defendant’s policy which requires progressive warnings or placement on a performance improvement plan prior to termination,” he claimed.

“Plaintiff received no such warnings, and had no discussions with employee relations regarding any of the conduct related to the stated reason for his termination prior to his termination.. Plaintiff had no disciplinary entries on his official work record during his four-and-a-half-year tenure,” the lawsuit said.

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A 53-page lawsuit was filed. It points out that the plaintiff employed by the Defendant in Plano, Texas and his work experience with Infosys demonstrates “discriminatory nature of Infosys’s employment practices.”

The company’s response was, “Infosys does not comment on ongoing litigation.”

Infosys has just announced its plan to hire 10,000 Americans in the next two years and open four centres in the US, to impress the Trump administration which has been rather critical of outsourcing firms.



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