Cabinet approves plan to install CCTV cameras in Delhi buses

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The Cabinet meeting approved the Delhi government’s proposal of installing CCTV cameras to all the buses in the Delhi NCR region on Tuesday, according to the reports.

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The plan of installing cameras was one of the promises made by AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) during elections. The aim of installing cameras in Delhi buses is to enhance the security of women in particular. The Delhi govt. plans to use Nirbhaya fund for the plan which will cost around Rs 140 Crore to install cameras in 6350 buses which run in Delhi and NCR.

According to the government officials,  the Union Women and Child Development Ministry responsible for Nirbhaya Fund is in principle to fund the project.

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said:“The Cabinet has taken an important decision towards a safe and secure environment for the public, especially women. This measure will impart a feeling of security to women using public transport.”

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As a pilot project, 200 buses were equipped with CCTV cameras and the footages were kept for 15 days. After installing all the buses with CCTV cameras, the government plans to do the same.


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