Mumbai’s IPS officer pens a new thriller looking into the minds of terrorists

In the last few months, terrorism has been on the rise globally with the United Kingdom witnessing successive terror strikes. Closer to home, India too is under threat from terror threats, both external and internal.

In this background of heightened terror threats, veteran crime thriller writer, Hussain Zaidi has penned a new novel with Mumbai IPS officer, Brijesh Singh. The novel, Dangerous Minds, delves into the lives of homegrown terrorists. The book traces the path regular people take to become radicalized and take to performing terror strikes.

Brijesh Singh

Hussain Zaidi is an established crime writer who has previously authored bestselling books, such as Dongri to Dubai -Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia and Black Friday. Brijesh Singh is a full-time police officer in the Indian Police Service (IPS) who has authored Quantum Siege. Singh’s last novel delved into the tensions precluding a nuclear war.


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