Brexit negotiations formally begins in Brussels

Negotiations for Britain’s exit from the European Union have formally begun in Brussels on Monday. Brexit Secretary David Davis will meet Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier to begin discussions to set the terms of Britain’s exit.

The meeting on Monday will be followed with a Brexit Summit on Thursday and Friday, where Theresa May will meet EU leaders to officially break away from the European Union.

The European Union will look to guarantee the rights of 3 million EU citizens currently residing and employed in the UK as well as ironing out the deal which will see Britain pay €100 billion to meet Britain’s liabilities to the EU. Britain, on the other hand will also be looking to secure the rights of its citizens in the EU and also seek a free trade arrangement to maintain trade relations with the EU economic bloc.

Once the negotiations are completed, the UK will be set to leave the European Union in 2019. As Britain separates from the EU, the island nations will be looking to realign its global commitments in the economic and diplomatic spheres to ensure that it remains relevant on the global stage.


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