Facebook pictures with gun leads police to bank robber

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A boy’s decision to upload pictures posing with guns on Facebook proved to be the last nail in his coffin, in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The boy was arrested by the police over his involvement in the Bank Robbery in the city that happened earlier this month in Overseas and PNB Bank. The robbery accounted for more than Rs 10 Lakh.

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Bholu Verma, 23 was noticed by the police after he uploaded multiple pictures with different guns on his Facebook profile. The boy was later identified as one of the bank robbers after police matched his picture with CCTV footage of the crime scenes.

Bholu was also found abusing police from his account. The police managed to trace the suspect and arrested the accused from his home. Bholu didn’t accept his crime initially but he later broke after seeing the CCTV footage. The police are now looking for the other criminals involved in the bank robbery through Bholu.


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