‘Trump’ declared as children’s word of the year by Oxford

Trump, Children's, word of the year, Oxford

After analysing 131,798 short stories written by children in BBC competition, Oxford University Press concluded ‘Trump‘ as the Children’s word of the year. The decision was taken by the publishing house after witnessing a significant rise (839%) in the usage of word Trump in different contexts.

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This is also the first time in the history, that a proper noun, a name has been selected as the word of the year by Oxford University Press. The word Trump features in various contexts such as suffixes like Trumpido, Trumpeon, Trumpyness and also the name of the characters like Boggle Trump, Snozzle Trump, Trumpdiddlydumper in the stories. The word has also been used as a verb. A child wrote:

“Suddenly I did the loudest trump EVER! The whole restaurant gasped, as if it was a crime. ‘You trumped in front of the Queen,’ hissed the shark.”

While the other political figures felt aloof, but their name appeared too, like Obama Llama and Hillary Kitten.

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The runner-up words are Brexit, Fake News, Social Media, Vlog. Last year’s Children Word of the Year was ‘Refugee’.


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