CBI slams New York times, says “We don’t need any lessons from you on press freedom”

CBI, Slams, New York Times, on Press Freedom, India, Editorial

In a letter to the editor of New York Times over its publication’s editorial ‘India’s battered press’, is absolutely biased. It gives impression “that the raids on NDTV’s founders were a part of a “vendetta” against the broadcaster,” wrote CBI spokesperson R.K. Gaur, according to the reports.

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“India does not require any lesson on freedom of the press from The Times. Our institutions and traditions are nurtured by our rich and diverse cultural heritage and democratic ethos,” R.K. Gaur added in the letter to New York Times.

The New York editorial said, “The raids mark an alarming new level of intimidation of India’s news media under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

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Adding to the statement, CBI spokesperson also said about the ban on NDTV Hindi for its reportage of sensitive attacks on an Airbase. He said “The decision of banning the channel for a day was arrived at after a proper inquiry in which NDTV also participated. No democracy can allow the country’s security and public safety to be compromised by irresponsible reporting of terrorist incidents.”






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