Visitors shocked over zoo officials feeding live Donkey to Tigers

Visitors of a zoo in Yancheng city of Jiangsu province was gushing and were stunned after they witnessed a brutal scene of animal cruelty. A live donkey was tossed in the cage of the Tigers to feed them by the zoo officials on Monday afternoon.

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The video of the incident was circulated around the internet. People can be heard gushing over when the incident took place.

The incident took place “in a fit of rage” because there is a stiff between the zoo and some company which has resulted in freezing the funds of the zoo. The animals are not allowed to be transferred and few animals have died to this. The zoo officials started feeding Tigers and large carnivorous animals with live donkeys and sheep after this legal spat.

The zoo said it was “deeply sorry” and that it would ensure that “a similar incident would never happen again”.



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