This Kerala School Uniform is trending the social media for all the wrong reasons

More than anything else, today’s India needs a crusade against cultural stupidity.
In the country where ministers blame girls’ dress as the cause of rape, jeans as the cause of molestation and something that’ll attract the boys, and mobile phones as a serious subject of concern, something is horribly wrong.
Recently, a Facebook user Zacharia Ponkunnam shared an image of three girls in their school uniform and it went viral for all the wrong reasons.

While the school may not have thought about how it might look on different body sizes, they were mercilessly lashed on social media for being too stupid and unwise.

Interestingly, most of the comments on the initial post are from men, adding vulgar memes and throwing crass remarks. The post was however shared by more than 5,000 people in a day, mostly writing about how stupid a decision it was to design something like this.

Meanwhile, Noushad Thekkayil filed a complaint against the school over the inappropriateness of the uniform, However, the authorities of St Alphonsa Public School didn’t see anything wrong in it and stood by their design of giving a go-ahead to this design. They even claimed that the image was photoshopped and it’s way different than their original uniform.


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