Oculus Virtual Reality Founder’s new Startup to build virtual walls across borders

Oculus founder, Startup, Virtual Walls, Border

Palmer Freeman Luckey made a fortune when he was 21 by selling his Startup ‘Oculus‘ a Virtual Reality gear maker at $2 Billion to Facebook. Just after the deal, he was forced to leave Facebook amid news that circulated saying he secretly donated money to anti-Hillary Clinton organization that makes online Memes.

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After staying low key for months, he is back with his new idea and innovation of initiating a startup that could be very benefiting to the defence sector. He is now planning to build virtual walls, effective enough to sense movements and recognize the things to be avoided like birds and things to be alarmed like drones etc.

He is an army buff according to his friends and he is doing this thing for the advancement of surveillance on borders, He will be self-funding this project, for now, that will be based in the Southern California warehouse.


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