London attacks: Trump, Modi, Ariana, everyone goes online offer prayers, support, advice

Police vans block access to Westminster Bridge in London, Britain, march 29, 2017. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Even as news continued to pour in from London battling with three separate incidents of violence two of which turned out to be ‘terrorist incidents’ as confirmed by the Metropolitan Police, the US President Donald Trump and thousands of celebrities, heads of states, journalists and common citizens took to social media to share their thoughts, views and solidarity.

#Londonattacks was trending on every social media platform with thousands debating and sharing news of the dastardly violence online.

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President Trump also took the opportunity to share his views on immigration Tweeting which many criticized as Trump’s second tweet was seen by many as a piece of opportunism at London’s expense. Federal courts are still debating over Trump administration’s travel ban. Courts are still figuring out if the ban order fulfills constitutional criteria. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has sought permission from the Supreme Court to enforce the administration’s proposal to temporarily ban people from six Muslim-majority countries fron entering the U.S.

Following Trump, the US Vice President also Tweeted that his “thoughts and prayers” were with the victims of the attack.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also Tweeted his condemnation of the crime.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau calling the incident “awful” Tweeted,

US pop star Ariana Grande whose concert in Manchester was bombed just two weeks back killing more than 20, took to Twitter as well.

Business Mogul Richard Branson also took to Twitter to express solidarity with the victims of the London attacks.

Actress Cara Delevingne took to Instagram and shared the Metropolitan Police advisory.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, also took to Facebook to release a statement condemning the acts of violence and asking citizens to stay calm and vigilant. Calling the attacks “cowardly,” he said that there was “no justification of this barbaric act.”

Many jumped in to the fray to blame ‘liberals’ and ‘pro-islamists’ for the attacks.

These also included some Putin and Trump supporters.

Indian business tycoon, Anand Mahindra asked a question that has been on everyone’s mind, the horror of the “low-tech simplicity of terror” in a “high-tech world”.


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