Google to add native ad blocker in Chrome browser to clean up web experience

Google is set to introduce a native ad-blocker to its Chrome browser next year. The move comes as a result of Google joining the Coalition for Better Ads.

The Coalition for Better Ads comprises of Facebook, News Corp, The Washington Post and Google as members. The coalition has created a guideline, called the Better Ads Standard, which defines ad delivery on the web.

Google’s ad-blocking feature will block ads that belong to any of the ad types listed by the coalition. The list includes pop-up ads, flash animated ads, and auto-play video ads with sounds among other ad types that are universally hated by web users. The feature will block these ads in an effort to improve user experience while also allowing ad publishers to continue to leverage the internet platform to deliver their ads on. SEO India

Many in the industry believe that while the introduction of the ad block by Google will lead to a cleaner web experience, the feature also gives the internet search giant immense power and control over online advertising. One indication is that the new ad policy could significantly favour Google’s own ad services.

The addition of a service called Funding Choices will further dictate how revenue is distributed to publishers. Funding Choices allows users who are blocking ads of a particular site to pay a small fee to remove all ads from the site.


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